Mompreneur Programs and Events

Being a mom naturally prepares you for the life of an entrepreneur. In your daily life, you are a multi-tasker, problem solver, expert negotiator, chauffeur, family planner, and budget maker – all components of running a business.  Moms who take the plunge into business ownership are “mompreneurs.”

Moms become entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons – flexible work hours, contributing to the family income, a strong desire to be paid what they are worth, to make their kids proud – but what mompreneurs need the most is a network and support.  

  • mompreneurmonthlymeetups logo 01Mompreneur Monthly Meetup
    A small intimate environment where moms can connect, grow, and be inspired by each other. Each month a successful mompreneur leads a group discussion on what makes her successful, while inspiring other moms to reach their own potential.
  • Mompreneur event logoMompreneur Event
    An annual event assisting moms in determining if starting a business is right for them. This annual event brings moms of all kinds together, including moms who want to be their own boss, moms who want to contribute to the family income, or moms who are already in business but feel alone and need to connect.

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