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Accelerate My HUBZone Business

Starting or owning a business in a HUBZone [a Historically Underutilized Business Zone] creates great opportunities for the community, and provides additional benefits for your business when it comes to doing business with the government.

If you have taken the initiative to open your business in a HUBZone now, take the next big step in your journey by dedicating time to learn from experienced entrepreneurs in HUBZone areas, attend educational events, and network with other like-minded business owners to accelerate your business! 

A One-Stop Resource

The HUBZone Accelerator Program, a project of The Catalyst, is a one-stop resource for HUBZone companies to grow their company, share resources, understand the HUBZone incentives and credential requirements, and market their capabilities to government agencies and large prime contractors. iThe catalyst is the host for regular update meetings on current legislation, matchmaking opportunities, and education. Additionally, you’ll have access to personalized coaching to best understand how to maximize your impact. Maybe most importantly, you’ll be equipped with a platform to champion your business as technically qualified in engineering, science, or technology, enabling you to reach new heights as an entrepreneur and business.

You’re Part of Something Big

The HUBZone Accelerator is a consortium of HUBZone member companies organized by The Catalyst. This group actively participates in legislative issues and current issues facing HUBZone communities. When you chose to open your business in a HUBZone area, you chose to be part of one of the most important initiatives of the SBA to address and tackle the urgent need for employment in underserved communities and help break the cycle of poverty in those areas. You have become a part of the solution for resolving unemployment issues in your HUBZone area, many of which are adjacent to inner cities. In that vein, the HUBZone Accelerator Project promotes HUBZone certification as more than just a tool to receive preferential treatment in government contracting but a factor in creating socio-economic justice.