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Government Contracting Center

As a project of The Catalyst, the mission of the Government Contracting Center is to find, filter, and facilitate business opportunities by fueling collaboration, innovation, technology transfer, commercialization, and contracting opportunities among technology businesses. The Government Contracting Center focuses on Government Contracting and Innovation and Technology; specifically meeting the needs of the defense and space technology industries.

The Government Contracting Center provides high-value training and targeted connections to small and large businesses, networking with potential industry partners and businesses in North Alabama. We have a Government Contracting Credential (GCC) series including numerous workshops for all aspects of Government Contracting. We issue GCC Badges for attendance and participation.

The Government Contracting Center accomplishes this mission by fostering a synergistic network of small and large businesses, university researchers, regional economic organizations, stakeholders, and investors.

Doing Business With The Government

Getting your foot in the door can be one of the hardest hurdles to overcome for small businesses wanting to do business with the government. It can take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, learning the right and the wrong way of doing things is imperative. Networking is a key component to forming the right relationships. In an industry where there are many companies competing for the same work, networking is about developing strong relationships with prime contractors, understanding their needs, sharing your capabilities, and learning about industry changes. Join one of our many series’ and sessions outlined below to get connected with government contracting experts and business leaders like you!

Government Contracting 101

A workshop for those individuals that are thinking about going into government contracting, or small businesses that are just starting out in Government Contracting. We will discuss how to get started and how to start growing. This will be a Beginner course and a Foundational Course for other Government Contracting Training and Coaching and a requirement to obtain a GCC badge.

Benefits of attending:

  • Determine if Government Contracting is an option for you.
  • Learn the basics of how to start in Government Contracting.
  • Develop Strategy on how to Market and Develop Business in Government Contracting.
  • Increase Your Understanding of Solicitations, Teaming, Contracts, etc.
  • Discover Tools and Resources to Grow Your Business Through Government Contracting

Government Contracting Credentials (GCC)

Government Contracting Credentials (GCC) series is a series of workshops for Government Contractors and their employees to participate in to strengthen their skills and capabilities in the ever-changing Government Contracting world. The Catalyst has obtained Subject Matter Experts (SME) to share their knowledge during two-hour workshops. Whining you are learning you are also earning credits towards badges to show others that you are a true Government Contracting Professional with the knowledge to succeed.

GCC workshops:

  • Government Contracting 101 & 102
  • Turn Contacts into Contracts
  • Developing Your Capabilities Statement
  • Small Business Certifications
  • CMMC Workshop
  • GovCon Accounting Basics
  • DCAA compliance with QuickBooks
  • Pricing/Costs
  • Bid/No Bid Decision
  • Proposal Management
  • Business Development/Marketing
  • Program/Project Management
  • Teaming/Subcontracting/Joint Venture/Mentor/Protégé
  • Facility Security Clearance
  • Human Resources/Staffing/Recruiting/Payroll
  • Safety Program
  • Facility Clearances
  • Contract Management/Support/Timekeeping
  • Strategic Planning
  • Intro to Small Business Innovative Research (SBIRs)
  • ISO – International Standards of Organization (Quality)
  • Using Tools such as and FPDS and others
  • Advanced Workshops
  • And many more…

Receive 1-on-1 help from expert coaches

As a Client of The Catalyst, you will have unlimited access to subject matter experts through free one-on-one business coaching. Do you have questions about Legal issues, accounting, marketing, government contracting or just general Business matters? To best serve you, we gather professionals who are experts in their field who share their knowledge, resources, and time dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.Catalyst coaches will guide you through the right steps for you to achieve your goals.

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We also hold annual events geared to guide your company through specialized Government Contracting Programs along with Networking to help you make those strategic connections.