Government Contracting Credentials (GCC)

GCC Series LogoGovernment Contracting Credentials (GCC) series is a series of workshops for Government Contractors and their employees to participate in to strengthen their skills and capabilities in the ever-changing Government Contracting world. The Catalyst has obtained Subject Matter Experts (SME) to share their knowledge during two-hour workshops. The GCC series has Credential badges as described below. 

Level 1 –Company Representatives/Individuals must attend 6 workshops for Business to obtain Government Credential Level 1 Badge for Website; Individuals can also receive GCC Credential Certificate of Completed. (*Government Contracting 101 and Capabilities Statements, or Turn Contacts into Contracts are mandatory). 

Level 2 – Company Representatives/Individuals must attend 12 (Level I Credential plus 6 additional workshops) for Business to obtain Government Credential Level 2 Badge for Website; Individuals can also receive GCC Certification.

Company must send one employee representative to the number of workshops needed to obtain GCC Level 1 or Level 2 Badge. Individual can attend any workshops they choose.

  • Government Contracting 101
  • Turn Contacts into Contracts
  • Developing Your Capabilities Statement
  • Small Business Certifications
  • CMMC Workshop
  • GovCon Accounting Basics
  • DCAA compliance with QuickBooks
  • Pricing/Costs
  • Bid/No Bid Decision
  • Proposal Management
  • Business Development/Marketing
  • Program/Project Management
  • Teaming/Subcontracting/Joint Venture/Mentor/Protégé
  • Facility Security Clearance
  • Human Resources/Staffing/Recruiting/Payroll
  • Contract Management/Support/Timekeeping
  • Strategic Planning
  • Other Transaction Authority (OTA) and non-traditional contracts
  • ISO – International Standards of Organization (Quality)
  • And many more…

ADVANTAGES of the GCC Series…

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Training - Taking these courses will demonstrate to the government, when you write your proposals; that you have participated in SME training to assist you in setting up your business’ infrastructure. Example: ABC Company has obtained the GCC Level 1 Badge by attending courses through The Catalyst Center for Business & Entrepreneurship. These courses are taught by SMEs and offer current trends and tips to provide the optimal information in such courses as Government Contracting, Accounting, Human Resources, Quality, etc. (You may want to list the specific workshops your team participated in.) We are also offered one-on-one coaching to support this training for our specific needs. 

Team Professional Development - Allows you to offer your employees professional development and builds your bench at your business. Build your employee’s self-esteem and awareness.

Connect - Connect to professionals and learn the new technical and legal ways to do things – obtain a SME to assist you, if needed.

Tips & Tricks - Learn tips and tricks to help you work smarter, not harder.

Network - Meet other small businesses that may have similar issues and learn how they handle them.

Website Badges - Maintain the GCC Level 1 and Level 2 Badges on your website. 

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